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Welcome to Your Naples Chiropractor!

Now providing the amazing anti-inflammatory effects of whole body cryotherapy to Naples, Florida.

Innovative Chiropractic Options

Our mission is to provide Naples, Florida the highest quality chiropractic patient care utilizing state-of-the-art chiropractic techniques, therapies and cutting-edge chiropractic technology in a comfortable and caring atmosphere.

Chiropractic Rehabilitation Services

Our best Naples chiropractor, Dr. Repice, is a trained & certified doctor of Chiropractic Rehabilitation, meaning he has the chiropractic skills and the knowledge to help people who have been troubled by injury or immobility to spread their wings once again.

Weight Management

This, the specialty of Rejuvenations Chiropractic, is one of our most valued services. With our Lipo Light and Cavi-Lipo systems, plus counseling and patient education, you can keep the weight off for good!

Nutrition, Supplementation Advice & Functional Medicine

At Rejuvenations Chiropractic and Lipo Light Naples we provide you with access to both health and beauty through proper counseling on diet, supplementation, and internal care. Dr. Ron can run a variety of diagnostic tests to see which supplements are best for you.

Weight Loss Services

Lipo Light Naples provides weight loss and weight management services for those looking for a safe, effective, natural way to sculpt their body. You can start losing weight in just a few short sessions with our Lipo Light and Cavi-Lipo systems. Stop in the chiropractic office today!

Renewed Confidence

More than this technology or that brand name, what Doctor of Chiropractic, Ron Repice, really provides to the people of Naples is self esteem. When you feel your best, you can look your best, and then you will live your best life.

Computerized Chiropractic Spinal Adjustments

We offer PulStar Multiple Impulse Therapy, which manipulates the spine with more digitized control and handling than is possible with human hands. You can now get the same, effective, chiropractic adjustment you’ve always wanted, without the snap, crackle or pop!

Individualized Chiropractic Care

One of our chiropractic patients’ collective favorite things about Dr. Repice is his keen ability to tailor his entire chiropractic practice to each individual chiropractic client. For whatever it is he or she wants, Dr. Repice can provide it with ultimate care and that is what makes him one of the best chiropractors Naples FL locals trust.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

The next-generation anti-inflammatory effects of whole body cryotherapy is here. See what celebrities and professional athletes are raving about and causing such a buzz around the country. Come see why cryosaunas are more effective and more enjoyable than a cryochamber in Naples, Florida.

Euro Spa of Naples - Best Naples Chiropractor

Euro Spa of Naples

Providing advanced technology for a healthier life.

Rejuvenations Chiropractic partners with the Euro Spa of Naples to provide services such as deep tissue massage, unwanted hair removal, Botox, fillers, skincare, facials and more. These services are meant to take care of the overall wellness initiatives for patients of our Naples, Florida office. The key here is pampering. While we work out, eat right, and go to work every day because we have to, or should, a bit of specialized treatment to look and feel rejuvenated is something we do for ourselves. We partner with Euro Spa to ensure our chiropractic patients have the opportunity to come in for healthcare, and stay for a manicure and pedicure – your own mini staycation right here at home!

Naples Weight Loss Management

Providing advanced technology for a healthier life.

Weight Management

Weight Management and Body Sculpting is the speciality of Lipo Light Naples. One of our most valued services, we offer the premier Lipo-Light and Cavi-Lipo systems, as well as counseling and patient education. We will get and keep you on track to keep the weight off for good! We offer this variety of services for weight loss because we understand the trifecta of maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle. First and foremost, is that a healthy weight helps you maintain overall wellness. Second, keeping your weight steady and ideal for your height allows you to move more freely and carry your muscles on your bones. Finally, proper weight management can boost your self esteem and provide the confidence you may be looking for.

Lipo Light Naples Weight Loss Clinic


Let us take care of you and bring you back to the healthy lifestyle you deserve!

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